Orizon's client list reads like a "Who's Who" of U.S. Industry -- ALCOA Alumina, ARCO Chemical, Babcock & Wilcox, BASF, Brown & Root, C.B.I., Chevron Chemicals, Coastal Refining & Marketing, Dow Chemical, National Oilwell, Enterprise Products, Exxon Chemical Americas, FINA Oil & Chemical, Fluor Daniel, H. B. Zachary, International Alliance Group, ISK Biotech, Jacobs Engineering Group, KTI, Kvaerner, Monsanto, Ref-Chem, Shell Development, The Industrial Company, U. S. Contractors, Universal Compression.


Orizon is frequently referred to as "the firemen". Capable of "round-the-clock" operations, we have the capacity to produce more than 2,000 tons of fabricated industrial steel per month.

Orizon can provide fabricated product for:

  • Turnarounds 
  • Shutdowns 
  • Emergency Orders 
  • Rush Orders 

All in a flash!


Strict adherence to the practices and standards of Category 2 means that whatever you have produced at Orizon will be top quality each and every time. Our QA/QC commitment is second to none!

Orizon can furnish detailing and coating (painted or HD Galvanizing) to you, giving you a complete package of product ready to put into service.


The philosophy at Orizon is to be the technology leader in industrial steel fabrication, therefore we utilize the latest in CNC manufacturing equipment. Also, Orizon can accept all formats of engineering drawings by electronic data transfer.


The management of Orizon strongly believe in strategic alliances. These become partnerships in service and quality and result in:

  • Pre-negotiated pricing 
  • Savings in time 
  • Savings in money 
  • A smooth start-up of every project 
  • Omission of time and cost of the bid cycle 

Contact Orizon today to begin negotiations on your own strategic alliance!


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